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Altenar explains benefits of light sportsbook software

With huge knowledge about sports betting, sportsbook software and what operators need to have a successful sports betting business, Dinos Stranomitis is best qualified to discuss benefits of a ‘light’ sportsbook option. He has an extensive understanding of what it takes for a light sportsbook to be successful and how mobile-light variations of Altenar’s software can adapt to the local environment, as it has successfully happened throughout Africa and Madagascar.

As the co-founder and COO of Altenar (a Malta-based key provider of sportsbook services to licensed gaming operators) quotes on sportsbook light success: “It has to grow from a four-inch screen, a mobile-first approach has enabled Altenar’s software to not only be widely accepted in Africa and other regions, but to bridge the gap between what is and isn’t accessible.”

Amongst these exciting times, where life begins to return to normal and mobile usage is increasing, it’s no wonder that certain countries will see a rise of data or roaming charges. This is especially prudent for African countries. Data charges have historically been much higher in Africa than geographically close neighbors like Europe.

The experts says that by using a light sportsbook or mobile light version, gamers can save money while still being able to place bets, opening lots of possibilities for the likes of Altenar and Africa as partners in sports betting. Altenar enjoys a challenge, hence the sports betting software provider’s mantra: Stability meets Flexibility. The challenge in creating mobile light or data-light software without compromising on proficiency and style seemed like a walk in the park for Stranomitis and Altenar.

A mobile-light or the light sportsbook version of a website has been a passionate project for Stranomitis and Altenar, which has received tremendous reception from African gamers. In this sense, being a data-savvy, adaptable and reliable software provider has made Altenar the best choice for operators looking to enter the African market or seeking to add this option in other regions.

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