Shaking Up The Sports Betting World In Spain With Altenar A Sportsbook Software Provider

Shaking Up The Sports Betting World In Spain With Altenar A Sportsbook Software Provider

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With recent successes as recorded by Altenar, a sportsbook software provider,  the sports betting market in Spain is growing exponentially, and as more regions open their hearts to online sportsbooks the revenue for the country could continue to grow.  

Altenar professionals and their operating partners  have witnessed an above average increase in Margins that are  2x to 4x higher than the average on Spain’s sports betting market, and part of this success is due to Altenar’s sports betting software that is shaking up the sportsbook world. 

Altenar is considered the preferred option for sports betting within Spain.

As the increase of revenue and interaction continues to grow amidst a global industry new wave, operators are looking to migrate to the warmer climates and with it, are searching for a top-of-the-range, market-topping sportsbook to go with it. 

As of 2022 the fall in operator margins for the Spanish market increased exponentially fr om 43.7 million EUR to 65.2 million EUR which saw the GGR on ‘amounts played’ increase from 1.39% to 2.13% in a matter of months.

This is wh ere the likes of Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, are able to offer their product and expertise, as having a wealth of industry and country specific knowledge informs the stable yet flexible software that Altenar is well-known for. 

Thanks to the usage of sophisticated trading tools and the advanced 24/7 trading services provided by the Altenar trading team, the increase of profitability was significant. 

Operators are looking to harness this slice of success and have turned to Altenar to help achieve this, so, what should you be looking to Altenar for? 

Let’s take a look … 

Spain, Sports Betting And Altenar: The iGaming Dream Team 

Altenar stands out among sports betting software providers, as they offer their operators a plethora of features, methods, and solutions that ground a platform into a process of long-term success. Altenar has an incredible history of numbers, statistics, data, and revenue intake.

This is in part, thanks to the creation of a manual-aspect backend and a fully configurable front layer; operators can generate reports and track bettors, further enhancing Alteanr’s risk management systems that are constantly evolving for operators and player safety. Altenar can follow your preferred branding style, fr om colour to genre, all the while, making sure these elements are compatible with your chosen sports content, that adapts to your bettors' needs and, with widget technology, you can even witness an increase in frequent betting.

Altenar is making strides for its operators, with new tools like Bet Builder for Basketball, Early Pay Out, 0% margin events and Bore Draw. With a hungry appetite and desire for creating amazing and awesome software and sportsbooks, the best sportsbook software, Altenar, can build a strong foundation for you that is adaptable to change.

With Altenar's assistance, new certificates, licences, and adherence to new rules are not only achievable, but also simple, especially for operators, as Altenar is an all-around full-solution provider.

Altenar offers a tailored service and solution, and these are just a few of the reasons why Altenar can generate data that breaks records. 

Visit Altenar’s website today to learn more about the sportsbook software provider.

As Altenar's sportsbook is wh ere stability meets flexibility and as a result, operators are flocking to Altenar to find industry case studies, market data, trends, and general knowledge on the iGaming market as a whole.

Be great with Altenar. 

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